Wall St. & Farming...Hmm.


The Wall Street Journal covers farming today. Words they use: 'Powers, dominance, eroded, capture, profits, imperil, strong dollar, lost share, etc.' I can hardly stomach the commodification of food. Farmers exposed to global market risk. Its ridiculous that farmers living on the Mississippi floodplain have to monitor market prices determined, this year, by Brazil's bumper crop. Brazilians are walking the same tightrope. U.S. taxpayers are going to shell out billions of dollars in farmer insurance, while U.S. companies like DuPont, Monsanto and Cargill ramp production in foreign countries, thereby eroding the market price for farmers that they also service in America (a true Conflict of Interest). This article showcases the modern despair of the industrial system, which neoliberal economic policies have spawned and touted as democracy. U.S. farmers are on the losing side of any equation that uses yield, acreage, and labor costs. The U.S. invented this equation, and now we pay. The invisible hand is slapping us in the ass, mainly farmers, that is. The article implicitly blames the shrinking farm acreage in the U.S. as a reason for out lack of competitiveness, citing conservation and urban development - bogus. Our addiction to soybeans is as ruthless as our epidemic of opioids.....I'd wager that they're linked. The heart and soul of the midwest is being eviscerated by folks that reduce food to a commodity, which is traded on rock bottom pricing, rather than something that nourishes the people and the ground, bringing communities together, creating local economy. Enough ranting, for now....@monsantoco @cargill @dupont

Philip TaylorComment