Caravan to Land Institute

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Join the caravan! Mad Ag and Co. are going to Prairie Festival 2017 at the Land Institute in Salina, Kansas from September 21-24. The Land Institute is primarily focused on developing perennial grains and polycultures to create an agriculture that mimics natural systems. The Prairie Fest is a wonderful time to meet other farmers and do-gooders, young and old, naive and wise, innovators and old-schoolers, philosophers, poets, scientists, chefs, rebels and sundry folk that care deeply for the land. 
By day, there are lectures, research updates and farm tours, and time to slip away to meet people. Through the rafters of a small barn you can see and listen to legends and young bloods paving the way. The likes of Wendell Berry, David Orr, Alice Waters, Wes Jackson, Michael Pollan have been there, and could be there, and many more. Its a secret gathering of the agrarian elders. By night there is a barn dance, camping, music, and time for sharing. We’ll be making a pitstop on September 21st at Pete Ferrell’s ranch in the tall grass prairie of the Flint Hills. Poetry, whiskey, campfire at night. You might recognize him as the Wind Farmer on Years of Living Dangerously. Then, we’ll head to the Prairie Fest for the 22, 23 and return the 24th. Registration is ~$30.

If you’re interested in going, email or call (303.905.7612) for additional details. Please share with your friends, students, employees and interns (if you can afford to spare them for 4 days). The more the merrier. The Prairie Festival has been pivotal in my growth, providing fresh wind and inspiration for my journey and work. (FYI, I’m not taking my kids this year, but there is good, free childcare.) Some event details here:

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