Colorado Soil Coalition

Mission: To accelerate carbon farming in Colorado. 

Soil is the heart of humanity. We need food and water to live, and soil is the source of fertility, food and clean water. We've neglected the central role of soil is civilization and abused our dependence on soil in modern agriculture. While industrial agriculture produces an extraordinary amount of food, it wreaks havoc on the ecological integrity of the Earth, driving climate change, deforestation, soil degradation and unsustainable resource use. Agriculture is now the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Humanity needs a regenerative revolution that shifts agriculture from being a climate problem to a climate solution. We need to reinvent modern agriculture to restore our relationship to the land and sea, and honor our dependence on Earth. Soils can be a powerful carbon sink when mindfully cultivated. The science, practice and policy to promote healthy soils is underway, and Mad Ag is leading the charge in Mtn West.


Mad Agriculture is helping to build a producer-oriented coalition that catalyzes rapid and widespread adoption of carbon farming practices in Colorado. 

Stay tuned!