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Farm Forum #7: A Center for Agriculture is coming to Boulder County



A Center for Agriculture is being born in Boulder County!

Calling all lovers of food, fiber, farm and land. We need your input to help dream up and create this center. Please join us for a Potluck and Listening Session!

Boulder NEEDS a full-bore agricultural center for education, young farmer training, community gathering, innovation, collaborative creation, CSA pickups, conferences, farm-to-table eating & drinking, a place to celebrate our farmers, a landscape where children can run amongst farmers and through fields, a place to enjoy healthy food and witness the future of food and farm. 

This is about to change! The Boulder Open Space Conservancy (BOSC) is coalescing latent energy in our community to manifest an agricultural center. What the agricultural center becomes is up to you!

Everyone is invited to the table. What is your dream for agricultural center in Boulder? What does our community, and this place, want to give birth to? Does it look like Stone Barns, or the Ecology Center, Hawthorne, Oregon Tilth, so combination of these things, are something different altogether? How do you or your organization want to be involved?

Farm Forum #7 will be the first of many community listening sessions to aggregate movers, shakers, ideas, movements, organizations into a cohesive and unified vision for an agricultural center.

After the Potluck, I've got a plan for facilitation to reduce the cacophony and increase the sharing and learning.

Bring food or beverage to share. Go big if can! Last month we had the most amazing array of local food, ranging from rabbit pot big, bison lasagna, heirloom breads, roots and stews and soups of stellar ambrosial achievement.