Philip Taylor (Executive Director & co-Founder)  I grew up in rural Maryland on farmland at the top of the Chesapeake Bay, raised by a family that taught me stewardship and my place in the world. I've always felt a deep purpose to ensure the beauty and wellbeing of the Earth, which humans are part and parcel of. I am drawn to agriculture because food is at the heart of our existence, and how we eat largely determines how the world is used. Humans are increasingly disconnected from food and the farmers that feed us all, which has driven a dramatic deterioration of global ecosystems, culture and economy. My life work is to create a world where people and ecosystem flourish together. I long to see coastal rivers rife with migrating fish, the prairies abundant with buffalo, the oceans churning with anchovies and whales, the Amazon rainforest left to stand, the bays rich with oysters and blue crabs, the mountains with glaciers and snow, and people living in their rightful place among it all. Seeking this vision of what was and could be requires wild creativity. Radical love must be the root of all action. 

I am also a fellow at the University of Colorado, where I teach The Future of Food in the Masters of the Environment Food Systems program. I have diverse international experience in both private and public sectors, and I've led research and outreach campaigns throughout Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. From 2013-2014 I co-founded Aethos Energy, an exploratory  PE fund for accelerating renewable energy in the global south. (Academic profile: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=J2DZI88AAAAJ&hl=en


Nicole Brinks

Co-Founder and Community Leader. Intuitive Goddess and Mother of All.


Clark Harshbarger

Director of Regenerative Agriculture

While working with the USDA-NRCS as a soil scientist over the last two decades, I have been blessed to observe the many diverse landscapes, soils and ecosystems, in which we are apart of across this great nation. I have also had the opportunity to learn from ranchers and farmers first hand about the real world challenges they face to sustain a land based business. Through my experiences I have learned that by listening to the land, we can discover the answer to the question “What does this place want to be?” My role in MAD agriculture is to help producers think holistically along their journey to answer this question.


Tanner Starbard

Mad Ag Fellow 2018. Director of Carbon Farm and Ranch Program.


Brandon Welch

Director of Carbon Economy.

Brandon is reinventing the carbon economy by connecting people and business with food, fiber, and land through innovative carbon financing mechanisms. Taking the time to slow down and see the United States through long-distance backpacking, bike touring, and crisscrossed country road trips, he has had the opportunity to see life through a lens many people pass by. When he takes a break from working, you can find him struggling to climb rocks, face deep in a book, hiking in the backcountry, or looking for the next best stout in town.



Daisy Debelle

Community and Media Fellow

As a Ph.D. researcher I have studied on natural and cultural Heritage in France and China. As a consultant I have defined brand strategies to help some cities and tech companies tell their story. Today, especially since I have become a mom, I want to help them build a more sustainable world supported by carbon farming and regenerative agriculture.

Garrett Stoll.jpg

Garrett Stoll

Carbon Economy Fellow Finance and Ecosystem Returns

I grew up in the mountains, meadows, and streams of rural Colorado. I am deeply motivated to change the notion that we, as a species, can consume the Earth without consequence. I have a fiendish curiosity that has pushed me into diverse experiences, from teaching English in South Korea to consulting for multinational corporations in the United Kingdom. Currently, I am working toward a master's degree in sustainability planning and management at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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Jane Cavagnero

Freedom Farming Business Development and Marketing Fellow

As a current Masters student at University of Colorado Boulder, specializing in sustainable food systems, Jane wants to be a part of the shift in the way we grow, consume and gather around food. Her work in agriculture through Front Range farms, non-profits and regional food companies has given her an appreciation for the power of local communities. After making Colorado her home over six years ago, Jane continues to dig in and look for common ground for our next food system to stand on.


Lillia Meri

Freedom Farm Management and Design Fellow

Lillia grew up with a deep curiousity to learn about nature and our place within it. She has long sought after a way to be more connected to the land and work with others to do the same. Connecting to the land through food and agricultural has really hit home for her. She hopes to utilize her science background to pursue the work of her heart in restoring the land through reconnecting with and tending to our soil and our food.

Sarah Meade_Photo_Mad Ag.jpg

Sarah Meade

Community Fellow Events and Membership

Sarah Meade is currently a graduate student studying Sustainable Planning and Management at CU Boulder. She is from Santa Fe, New Mexico and loves dancing, learning about mushrooms and story telling. She has worked in the food systems and watershed restoration sectors for a few years as well as done work empowering women and other community members to create change.


Brian DeCorte

Freedom Farming Fellow Design and Farm Systems

As a current Sustainable Food Systems Masters student at CU Boulder, I am working on holistic farm planning and design to maximize economic and ecological benefits for Front Range farmers. As the producers of our food and stewards of our land, farmers are the bellwether of society. My work is dedicated to building up farmers as a means for supporting our broader community. To our work, I bring a diverse range of experiences working in earth systems, agricultural systems, and community event organizing.


Board of Directors

Aaron Hirsh, Ph.D. Vermilion Sea Institute and CU Boulder

Aaron Hirsh, Ph.D. Vermilion Sea Institute and CU Boulder

Annie Shattuck. Fellow at Food First, CU Boulder & UC Berkeley.

Annie Shattuck. Fellow at Food First, CU Boulder & UC Berkeley.

Mark Lewis. Owner of Lewis Family Farm.

Mark Lewis. Owner of Lewis Family Farm.

Calla Rose Ostrander. Independent consultant and catalyst for planetary well-being.

Calla Rose Ostrander. Independent consultant and catalyst for planetary well-being.

Woody Tasch, Founder of Slow Money

Woody Tasch, Founder of Slow Money

Advisory Board

Tim Crews, Ph.D. Research Director, The Land Institute

Tim Crews, Ph.D. Research Director, The Land Institute

Whendee Silver, Ph.D. Professor and Rudy Grah Chair, Dept. of Env. Science, Policy and Management, UC Berkeley

Whendee Silver, Ph.D. Professor and Rudy Grah Chair, Dept. of Env. Science, Policy and Management, UC Berkeley