Mad Agriculture makes animal feed


We harness the nutrient recycling abilities of insects to turn food waste into a protein rich feed supplement so we can be less dependent on unsustainable ingredients like fishmeal and soy.


Mad Feed solves two major problems:

  1. Food waste is a valuable but untapped resource that usually ends up in landfills.
  2. The most costly (economically and environmentally) feed ingredient for fish and poultry farmers is the protein source. Mad Agriculture cultivates Black Soldier Fly Larva (BSFL), using commercial food waste as the sole input, producing a healthy protein source that fish and chickens love to eat. Our feed is 40% protein and 30% fat.


The by-product of BSFL production is their waste, or "castings." The nutrient profile of this waste is comparable to worm castings and can be used as an organic soil amendment. Our team has extensive experience producing organic liquid fertilizer from compost (a product known as "compost tea"), which will be on the market soon.