Twisted Pine

Twisted Pine is a local brewery and restaurant that provides award winning beer in an awesome atmosphere. They regularly hold fundraising and community events and have become an integral piece of Boulder's blossoming culture. Twisted Pine makes sure their spent brewing grains go to good use by donating most of it to hog farmers and the rest to us so we can make nutritious insect based animal feed. Check these homies out, order a flight of beers and stuff your face with what is secretly some of the best pizza in town.



Wonder is a 100% organic, cold-pressed juice and nut milk shop in Boulder.  Their meticulous and attentive juicing process makes the richest, most nutrient dense liquid around. More than just a juice shop, they provide an enlivening social space for the community and have a serious commitment to sustainability. Wonder makes sure all the leftovers from the juicing process goes to good use by first donating all of the veg and fruit matter to local animal farmers. Whatever doesn't go directly towards animal raising is graciously given to us to cultivate insects, which are then used for animal raising :) Visit Wonder and be blown away by their spectacular juice concoctions!